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Your visibility on Google Maps directly impacts how many nearby customers visit your business. But if your Google Business Profile lacks key details, you become invisible to local searchers. Our Local Search Domination service gets your business ranking #1 in Google Maps results by fully optimizing your profile. Stand out locally and turn online searches into in-store customers.

*Notice: The results of our clients and customers vary so we apologize in advance if we make you too much money*

The Complete Local Search Domination Service

"The single best investment a local business can make in marketing"
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Are you struggling to drive traffic and attract local customers?
An incomplete or sparse Google Business Profile could be the issue.
61% of consumers check online listings before visiting a local business – make sure your business stands out.
Google Maps
Not only that, but...
if you're ranked in the top 3 on Google maps...
You show up in the "Maps Pack" at the top of normal Google searches...
Oh, and by the way, the maps pack gets 50% of all clicks!
Our GBP Optimization Service Gets You Found Locally
We optimize every element of your Google Business Profile to maximize visibility and engagement among nearby customers searching on Google.
● Complete set up and verification● Professional photos and videos● Robust services, products, brand details● Integrated booking, menus, and special offers● Targeted review generation and management● Ongoing monitoring and updates
The more robust your profile, the more local traffic and sales you’ll drive. Our experts tailor the optimization to your goals.
The Way We Help Businesses:
● Rank #1 in Google local search results● Appear prominently in Google Maps results● Build credibility through reviews● Connect your brand with more local customers● We Handle the Full GBP Optimization Process
No more guessing at what works - our proven methodology delivers results:
● Audit your current GBP health● Create an optimization plan● Execute key enhancements● Manage new 5-star reviews● Continuously optimize and update● You focus on your business while we elevate your local visibility.
2x your local traffic in just 3 short months. DOMINATE the competition.

Keys to Success

This is what you need to know so we're on the same page expectations wise...

How do I know how far my GBP could reach? 

Google the top 5 phrases you want to win when looking at a map of your area. If the map zooms out, then you likely can have a wider reach. If it doesn't zoom out, then you're surrounded by competition, and the area your Google Business Profile (GBP) will reach will be limited. It can still produce a great Return on Investment (ROI), but for example, a coffee shop in New York City isn't going to show up for a person searching 7 miles away (not when there are hundreds of coffee shops between you and them).

What about my website SEO?

It is recommended for you to have content on your site about the keywords you want to target. This is a factor that does affect Google Business Profile (GBP) / Map rankings. If you have no content on your website about the services you provide, then you are at a disadvantage. In addition, we will have little information about how you provide that service to properly optimize your listing with. For these types of situations, a GBP Plus SEO package is recommended.

Without reviews, we can't win...

We will provide resources to help you acquire reviews, but without your active participation in acquiring reviews, we can optimize your listing, but it won't win if the disparity of reviews compared to your competitors is too significant.

Do you have any discounts?

We are confident in our services, and we want to make sure YOU are as committed to your success as we are. We have a minimum 3-month service agreement, but we do have discounts for longer agreements. 6 month agreements get a $50/mo discount, 12 month agreements get a $100/month discount.


Here is a list of our fixed-price plans suitable for any company and business.

GBP Optimization


per locationper month

● Launch into the top 3 results in Google Maps!● Skyrocket your search engine Traffic● Increase new quality customers by up to 50% in just 3 months● Reach your revenue goals, without breaking the bank● Access to Partner Software to centralize your social media communications

Local SEO Addon


per month

● Content first SEO strategies that withstand the algorithm changes● Take control of your organic traffic● Dominate your local market, become the Go-To in your industry

Why Choose Us?

1. We pass everything we do through a simple litmus test. 

Five questions must be answered of things we think, say, or do: • Is it the TRUTH? • Is it FAIR to all concerned? • Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? • Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned? • Is it the RIGHT thing to do? 
We will not engage in underhanded marketing techniques or black hat marketing techniques, nor will we work with companies involved with adult themes, gambling, or activities that we consider morally questionable, or that may exploit anyone.

2. Work with us or not... but...

Whether you invest with us, or another GBP Optimization Firm, make sure to discover the exact tactics the GBP Optimization Firms use. We are a high-value content first SEO Firm which has proven to provide long-term benefits to our customers. We find that augmenting citations without quality, optimized content on the GBP listing is the hard way of doing things...

3. We become an extension of your team

Not only are we THE BEST at what we do, but we dedicate ourselves to your success. The quality of our work speaks for itself, but we don't stop there. We work hand in hand with you to help you achieve your dreams.

Our Marketing Solutions

Lead Gen PPC

 Leverage PPC ad campaigns to get in front of prospects that are actively searching for your product or service. Highly optimized to give you the highest ROI quickly and consistently.
Retargeting Included!

E Commerce PPC

Increase your Online sales through Ecom focused PPC ad campaigns! The key here is to focus on driving the greatest ROI for you. We heavily believe in a “start small, produce results, and then expand” mentality.

Google Business Profile

Get in front of more local clients by Optimizing your GB Profile! This seemingly simple thing can generate a consistent flow of traffic and leads from your website!

Search Engine Optimization

Optimize your website with relevant Keyword research to gain top rankings & visibility on major search engines. Showing up on page 1 = $$$

Social Media

Reach your clients where they spend most of their time, their favorite social media networks. From Instagram to Tik Tok, we can do everything from creating content and posting to running highly optimized ads. No matter your choice, social media is a great way to get in front of your ideal client!

Email Marketing

If you have or are building a list and want to send out high quality newsletters to keep them engaged, we've got you covered!


About Elevate Social

Tanner founded Elevate Social in 2017 starting with a focus on Instagram growth. He helped clients grow their Instagram followings and subsequently their businesses, some clients doing over 6 figures a year just from Instagram.
As Elevate grew, we want to offer more to our clients and added services like SEO, SEM, Google ads, Facebook Ads, SMM, and more.  
Tanner has also done business coaching and consulting helping clients to implement strategies that when applied, resulted in their businesses growing, and more importantly, getting them closer to what they truly want in their lives!
Tanner has built this business to match his goals, he is married with 3 young kids that keep him and his wife busy, loves coaching lacrosse and actually coaches at the local high school. He's built his business in a way that allows him to have time to do the things he loves and serve his clients. Our focus is helping our clients build business around their lives that serve them, without feeling stuck or having their lives revolve around their businesses.