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How to Apply:First: You MUST watch the video below in its ENTIRETY (15 mins)Second: Once the video has been completed, there will be a pop-up with the application form
After filling out the form, you'll receive an email confirmation, and shortly thereafter a text message with open times to meet with our team! 
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Keys to Success

This is what you need to know so we're on the same page expectations wise...

How do I know how far my GBP could reach? 

Google the top 5 phrases you want to win when looking at a map of your area. If the map zooms out, then you likely can have a wider reach. If it doesn't zoom out, then you're surrounded by competition, and the area your Google Business Profile (GBP) will reach will be limited. It can still produce a great Return on Investment (ROI), but for example, a coffee shop in New York City isn't going to show up for a person searching 7 miles away (not when there are hundreds of coffee shops between you and them).

What about my website SEO?

It is recommended for you to have content on your site about the keywords you want to target. This is a factor that does affect Google Business Profile (GBP) / Map rankings. If you have no content on your website about the services you provide, then you are at a disadvantage. In addition, we will have little information about how you provide that service to properly optimize your listing with. For these types of situations, a GBP Plus SEO package is recommended.

Without reviews, we can't win...

We will provide resources to help you acquire reviews, but without your active participation in acquiring reviews, we can optimize your listing, but it won't win if the disparity of reviews compared to your competitors is too significant.

Do you have any discounts?

We are confident in our services, and we want to make sure YOU are as committed to your success as we are. We have a minimum 3-month service agreement, but we do have discounts for longer agreements. 6 month agreements get a $50/mo discount, 12 month agreements get a $100/month discount.