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Who am I?

I'm Tanner! I recently turned 30, I'm a husband, father to 2 awesome kiddos, business owner and regular guy. 
I started in Instagram 5 years ago when I was streaming on Twitch. I'm a gamer. I had friends tell me I should make an instagram for my gaming content, so I did! I grew decently well, didn't really know what I was doing... Just posted haphazardly when I had something I thought was worthy of posting on the gram. I saw other people who were posting lower quality content than me growing faster than me... and I didn't understand! It honestly bugged me... a lot. So I decided I was going to learn everything I could about Instagram. I applied what I learned and saw my account start to grow! I grew my gaming account to over 15k followers!  Then I decided to take a break from gaming and content creation for a while and transitioned that account into my personal account.  I continued to work with clients teaching them and growing their accounts for them, all the while continuing to learn, taking courses, testing, doing research!
Ashley and Julie have built 6 figure businesses primarily using their Instagram accounts!