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*Notice: The results of our clients and customers vary so we apologize in advance if we make you too much money*


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Our primary mission is to help business owners get closer to what they actually want from their business and, more importantly, from their lives.  
This is why we will NEVER sell you something you don't need.
Our work drives more targeted leads to your website that generate sales, increases web traffic and online brand awareness, but our #1 focus is getting you closer to what matters most. 
It's quite amazing what unlocks for you once you have clarity surrounding what you really want in your life and from your business.

Our process



Have you ever tried to get directions from Google Maps and it's unable to accurately identify your current location? Frustrating right? Now imagine that you didn't really know where you wanted to go, you just said "I need to go Northwest-ish I think". It's impossible for Maps to be of any help to you without identifying your current location & your destination.
Most marketers/marketing companies are doing exactly that. They will just sell you whatever they can, without helping you figure out where you are currently and where you are trying to go. Doesn't make sense, right?
We start with an analysis to gain clarity on where you are currently and where you are trying to go. This way, we can identify the most efficient path forward for you and your business!



Once we've met with you and helped you figure out where you are and where you're trying to go, then we can provide directions to get there.

Whether it be SEO, Facebook/IG ads, Google ads, etc. We'll help you figure out what is going to be the best move for you to get closer to your destination i.e. - what you actually want!


On Boarding & Setup

Once we know what services will be best for you, we will send all of the needed paperwork and get you setup in our project management system. This system is where 99% of communication will take place, but don't worry, it's as easy as replying to an email!

Setting up new clients on any of our services generally takes at least 3 weeks. We are extremely diligent in our setup process and take great care to make sure things are done correctly.


Launch & Reporting

Once campaigns are ready they will be launched and we will have ongoing meetings with you generally once per month, but additional meetings can be requested at an additional fee.


Ongoing Support

Primary communication will be through the Project Management System. You'll have the option to login and ask questions there, or just reply to emails that you'll receive.

You can also call our phone number (385) 263-7755 if needed.

Our main focus is getting results for clients, because of this our team doesn't look at their inbox every hour, so it can take up to 1 business day. We of course look to answer quickly, but we focus our teams on work output & efficiency.

Our Marketing Solutions

Lead Gen PPC

 Leverage PPC ad campaigns to get in front of prospects that are actively searching for your product or service. Highly optimized to give you the highest ROI quickly and consistently.
Retargeting Included!

E Commerce PPC

Increase your Online sales through Ecom focused PPC ad campaigns! The key here is to focus on driving the greatest ROI for you. We heavily believe in a “start small, produce results, and then expand” mentality.

Google Business Profile

Get in front of more local clients by Optimizing your GB Profile! This seemingly simple thing can generate a consistent flow of traffic and leads from your website!

Search Engine Optimization

Optimize your website with relevant Keyword research to gain top rankings & visibility on major search engines. Showing up on page 1 = $$$

Social Media

Reach your clients where they spend most of their time, their favorite social media networks. From Instagram to Tik Tok, we can do everything from creating content and posting to running highly optimized ads. No matter your choice, social media is a great way to get in front of your ideal client!

Email Marketing

If you have or are building a list and want to send out high quality newsletters to keep them engaged, we've got you covered!

Want to connect?

Book a quick 15 minute call to with Tanner.  This call will be used to make sure you understand our process and make sure you're a good fit for us.


About Elevate Social

Tanner founded Elevate Social in 2017 starting with a focus on Instagram growth. He helped clients grow their Instagram followings and subsequently their businesses, some clients doing over 6 figures a year just from Instagram.
As Elevate grew, we want to offer more to our clients and added services like SEO, SEM, Google ads, Facebook Ads, SMM, and more.  
Tanner has also done business coaching and consulting helping clients to implement strategies that when applied, resulted in their businesses growing, again, some to over 6 figures per year.
Tanner has built this business to match his goals, he is married with 3 young kids that keep him and his wife busy, loves coaching lacrosse and actually coaches at the local high school. He's built his business in a way that allows him to have time to do the things he loves and serve his clients. Our focus is helping our clients build business around their lives that serve them, without feeling stuck or having their lives revolve around their businesses.